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Interactive Online Internet Safety Activities
Disney Surfs Well – Internet Safety
- Travel with Mickey and friends to gather jewels and learn about sharing personal information online, viruses, and online etiquette.

iKeep Safe - Faux Paw online video follows the adventures of a cat in cyberspace.  Includes safety tips which may be printed.  Excellent collection of parent videos.

Media Awareness Network - Canadian site with some excellent resources including online flash based games for 8 - 12 year olds which address online privacy and the dangers of chat rooms.  This site takes a holistic approach to Internet education.

Netsmartz Kids - A colorful collection of Internet safety games and activities to engage elementary children.


Kid Friendly Directories
ALA Great Web Site for Kids - American Library Association's hand selected sites for kids

Ask for Kids - Jeeves has retired and the updated site is better than ever.  Nicely organized with News Resources, Fun and Games, and References.

Dib Dab Doo - A non-commercial directory of web sites designed for child-safe searching.

Fact Monster - from Information Please - reference site with kid focused facts and information.

Google School Time Search Site - Safe starting point for kids and teens exploring the Internet.  Includes links to the most popular kid websites listed in order of popularity.  

KidsClick! - Web directory and search tool for kids by librarians

Yahoo for Kids - includes a kid safe search engine but has an abundance of ads and a busy screen.


Multiple Search Sites for Kids
Kid's Search Page - A New York state library's collection of kid friendly search tools all on one page.

TekMom's Search Tools for Students  - a one stop search page for student research.


Google Preferences - Set Safe Search Filtering preferences to strict filtering.  This setting records a preference to your computer for both text and image searches.  It will be in effect until you make a change.

FirstGov for Kids - Links to the federal government's kids' sites along with sites from other organizations, grouped by subject.

Michigan Electronic Library MiKids! - starting point for kids finding information about Michigan

Protect Mi Child Registry - 
Parents register electronic addresses/IM names/cell phone #s children use.   Once an address has been registered, senders of messages that advertise/link to prohibited products (tobacco, gambling, pornography…) are required to remove the address from their mailing list.


Internet Filters and Tools - Free
Hector Protector
-  If a child is upset about something on the screen, they click the dolphin and an an underwater scene comes up covering the screen with a reassuring message to get adult help.  From Net Safe of New Zealand

K9 Web Protection - The free Internet safety filter which works with Internet Explorer or FireFox.  Can be configured to monitor sites visited or bark with a blocked site is visited.

We-Blocker Safe Families Software - Free Internet filtering software from the Christian Safe Families site.

The Parental ControlBar -


Internet Filters and Tools - from Your Internet Service Provider

SBC/Yahoo Parental Controls -
Part of the free AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection suite, includes web filter controls, e-mail management, IM controls, and report cards.

Charter High Speed Security Suite -
A useful suite of security applications - available for no charge as part of Charter’s High Speed Internet package.

AOL Parent Controls -
One of the first and most comprehensive parent controls – however Internet access through AOL is required.


Alternative Browsers
Kidrocket - Browser which only allows access to preselected sites.

Tuki - More features and controls such as customized user accounts.  Many options are only available if you purchase the premium version.  

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