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Internet Filters and Tools - Free
Hector Protector
-  If a child is upset about something on the screen, they click the dolphin and an an underwater scene comes up covering the screen with a reassuring message to get adult help.  From Net Safe of New Zealand

K9 Web Protection - The free Internet safety filter which works with Internet Explorer or FireFox.  Can be configured to monitor sites visited or bark with a blocked site is visited.

We-Blocker Safe Families Software - Free Internet filtering software from the Christian Safe Families site.

The Parental ControlBar -


Internet Monitors - Free
Activity Monitors
- Monitors MySpace activity

Hoopa - Records MSN Messenger Activities

KidLogger - Keystroke logging program

P.O.K (Protect Our Kids) - Monitors text phrases


Internet Filters and Tools - from Your Internet Service Provider

SBC/Yahoo Parental Controls -
Part of the free AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection suite, includes web filter controls, e-mail management, IM controls, and report cards.

Charter High Speed Security Suite -
A useful suite of security applications - available for no charge as part of Charter’s High Speed Internet package.

AOL Parent Controls -
One of the first and most comprehensive parent controls – however Internet access through AOL is required.


Commercial Filters
- Comparison of filtering tools and much more

Internet Filter Review - comparison of the most popular Internet filters and monitors

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